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Software Update and Upgrade

Updating means downloading the latest features available for your version. The first number of the version or file version number is used to determine your version of the software. (i.e.: 2.10 = Version 2)

We offer all updates for free.
Go to the download page for your particular version of the software, download the setup file and carry out an installation of the software using the file you have just downloaded. You can then release the updated version of your software using your release code.

Upgrading means moving to a newer version of the software and purchasing a new software licence (i.e.: from version 2.x to version 3.x) or upgrading to a higher license type (for example from a Personal License to a Business License). You will receive a discount of 30% - 40% of your purchase amount.

Requesting the order link / coupon code

Ordering an upgrade
Fill out the form below and then click on the button marked "Request Order Link". We will send you a special order link enabling you to purchase the product at a reduced price or a coupon code, which you must enter during the order process to redeem your credit. Both of these options will provide you with a reduction amounting to at least 35% of your last purchase price.


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License Upgrade (Personal License to Business License)

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Please note:

Upgrade requests that do not contain valid registration details (unlocking code or reference number) will not be processed.

If you didn't receive a respond, please check out whether our message was not blocked by your SPAM filter and whether you can receive messages form ks-sw.com.

We do not pass on e-mail addresses to third parties; we will not send you promotions or spam mail.